Updated April 6th, 2022, from Poland (as if I’ve ever travelled a lot πŸ˜›)

Life upgrades

Bicycle is now my default vehicle.

World view

Support Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Accepted the sad truth about climate disaster.
I believe it is now a root cause for large portion of human suffering: resource wars, hunger, fossil-fueled debt economy.

We need renewable energy everywhere, also solutions applicable for apartament buildings.


I develop backends for a B2B client, mainly in PHP 8.1.
Started to write semantic commit messages and intend to make it a habit.

Grow my docker knowledge, work on local enabling environments for developers like myself, to increase capacity and work satisfaction.

Recently learned what is this thing called Symfony Runtime and what it enables – willing to seriously try Roadrunner for my personal PHP projects.


Explore DevOps / SRE field.
It’s a tempting career path that could work with my hunter brain.
I see it as a natural goal for wannabe-high-impact developer.

Learn about Building Physics. We mostly do it wrong in Poland πŸ˜”


My daughter will be 8 soon! Welcome, 24-inch-wheeled bicycle.