Updated Novemver 17, 2022


Still located in Warsaw, Żoliborz.

Lots of interesting things happening lately – both “pro” and personal stuff. I have a tiny city-garden on ROD! Only it’s too cold to grill now 😂

More public transport than cycling lately. Trying to be positive, present and grounded in “today”, as a means to really build a better future.

World view

Russia is a terrorist state.

We must break the paradigm of fossil-fueled economic growth.

I recently learned about solarpunk and the idea of protopia. I find it very helpful to be positive in an imperfect world.


  1. Diving into custom mechanical keyboards. Next build: Sofle V2 with MT3 keycaps. Aaand possibly, we’ll get custom ceramic MT3 keycaps as well!
  2. Ebike on hold
  3. Off-grid solar panel on a rented-flat balcony. on hold


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