I run a one-man business under the name Praktyk.
I have 9 years of hard-core experience with software written in PHP, including large scale apps, upgrades, migrations etc.


I’m currently fully booked and don’t take more work.

How Can I help?

Maintain / transform existing large PHP codebase:

  • unlock the team’s productivity by improving software development process
  • set up a productive local environment using docker
  • refactor legacy code to express business rules clearly in the code
  • write automated tests and checks
  • prepare code integration & deployment pipeline
  • containerize the application for production
  • teach developers new tricks, and help to spread their existing skills and business knowledge

Set up new projects on the right track with:

  • clean architecture
  • domain-driven design and contexts
  • tests & test driven approach (it’s not going to take longer!)
  • experience with Symfony framework and preventing it polluting the core of your app
  • trunk-based development and same day delivery


You can contact me through my LinkedIn profile